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Elevating Good Ideas Into Breakthrough Productions.

You’d never know it, but for us at Midnight Brunch, this has been a long time coming.  

Over the years, we at Midnight Brunch have cut our teeth working on the smallest sets with the tightest of budgets to large Hollywood productions. These vast experiences have given us some unique skills and a wide knowledge of filmmaking techniques. 

While we have loved working on many great projects with incredible people, we wanted to branch out and express our own unique voice. We love the creative process and have always been inspired to tell unique stories, collaborate with great people, and be proud of what we create. 

Since we were young, all of us fell in love with the big screen. From the intimate narratives to the explosive blockbusters, we were enthralled. It spoke to us in a language that excited us. We love this industry, as do the many collaborators who help drive everything we do at Midnight Brunch. That’s why we connect so well with the people we work with; whether it be crews, brands or clients. 

You are here because you want your brand or company to stand out. You need to create engaging and unique content that connects with your audience, but it needs to stay true to your brand and message. This is an exciting challenge and one we would love to help you with. 

Your marketing content can be short films, they can be art, they can engage. Just like a movie they need to entertain and be memorable. Never accept the ordinary. It’s easy to fall into the trap of simple choices. The first idea is always the most derivative but it’s a great place to start. This doesn’t mean the wheel needs to be reinvented every time. There is always a way to ensure a project is unique, making sure it stands out from the crowd. 

At Midnight Brunch we like to focus on what we call our truths; story, brand, engagement, and quality.  


Stories are what our society was built on. Everything is a story; world history, what you did last weekend, the latest news; all stories. Telling a good story is paramount to the success of any project. Crafting stories with the key goal of using the truth of a brand as a guide to the message of the project, you have the perfect blueprint to unlock unlimited creativity. Our goal is to take a story and break it down to the smallest details for maximum impact.   


We are constantly asking questions, making sure to get every aspect correct. When creating a commercial does the video and story we are telling stay true to the brand? Does it mirror their message? Does it embrace their beliefs? When you craft a story, you need to consider these things in order to properly execute on an effective idea that resonates. 


We want to ensure a project is worth it for our client, that the return on their investment is measurable and successful. You want to engage your audience, so they not only watch the video completely but share it and talk about it with others. The project needs to be unique and not another check list item in the marketing handbook. A video that does not entertain or target the right audience will never earn the investment back. 


This should be obvious but it’s always worth talking about. Strive for the best. Every part of a project should be treated with equal respect and dedication. Pay attention to details because everything that appears in a video is a decision. It’s a choice to include or not include or to ignore and accept. The sum of all parts strengthens the whole in ways that most people never realize. 

In the spirit of how we all have learned; researching, experimenting, and just downright being creative, we are starting this blog to share our thoughts on the industry, tips or tricks we have learned or figured out through our own success and errors, ideas about equipment, and, honestly, who knows? This will be an ever growing and changing conversation.  

Please let us know what you think and join us as we consume, enjoy, and create. 

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