2020: An Exercise in Wellness

At the start of most years, January is a time of renewal. Fresh slate. Starting that “thing” you wanted to do; write a book, find that dream job, take a class, travel, get in shape. New year, new you.

But January 2021 will not be like most years.

The fitness community is acutely aware of this fact and is finding new ways to adapt; gyms are making the space for socially distanced classes, members are doing their part by wearing masks, and cleaning protocols have intensified. While January is usually a guaranteed month of increased memberships, full classes, and a revitalization of motivation after indulging in holiday favorites, this coming year guarantees nothing but a whole lot of uncertainty thanks to COVID-19.

Despite the challenges, the Fit Factory team knew they needed to forge ahead with promoting their brand and upholding their mission of supporting community wellness. Currently a small franchise located in Massachusetts (Braintree, Kingston, Foxboro, North Attleboro, Berlin) and Texas (Colleyville, Garland), Fit Factory is a full service health club with access to weights, cardio, over 35 different offerings of classes, and personal training. Above all, they pride themselves on the support system they provide to clients to help achieve their goals. In the face of uncertainty, Fit Factory had their own plan for renewal in 2021: growth.

A year of new challenges does not mean a year without progress. The Fit Factory team approached us with ideas to revitalize the need for wellness, especially during a time of increased stress:

1. Make new habits, not resolutions.

2. Focus on yourself to benefit the people around you.

We wanted to help Fit Factory convey the blueprint for a better year: take care of yourself and set yourself up for success with the right support system.

Fit Factory, like many small businesses dealing with the threat of COVID, are implementing safety precautions not only to keep their business profitable and their staff employed, but for the health of all staff and members alike. When we met with Fit Factory it was made clear they are in the business of wellness, which includes taking any measures necessary to provide a safe, clean space for employees and patrons. After talking through the mission of the company, their goals, and how they wanted to portray themselves, there was a unique challenge to address: how do we ensure the production is safe? 

By the time we were organizing a shoot for our Fit Factory clients, this was not a new problem for us. Midnight Brunch is proud to be SafeSet COVID certified ( and will continue to implement every possible precaution to keep clients, production crew, and cast safe while in the planning stage and on set. The following practices are currently in place:

  • Meetings with clients and casting calls prior to production are conducted through Zoom.
  • Any out-of-state cast or crew are required to adhere to Massachusetts state guidelines for travel.
  • Cast and crew administer their own morning temperature checks before arriving, and are checked again upon arrival to set.
  • PPE are required and made available on set.
  • If provided, food is individually packaged and separated to ensure no cross contamination.
  • Makeup is required to wear face shields when working with talent.    

In 2020, our primary goal was to adapt to the many new and constantly changing challenges as a result of COVID. At the start of 2021, after a long year of uncertainty, we have successfully made adapting a habit and will continue to collaborate with clients who are all working so hard to do the same. The safety of our clients and crew is our first priority.

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